Common Questions

To check whether your software has already been activated, open your software. If you see the main screen, your software has been activated. If you see Activate screen, enter the  option to activate your software.

Activation is not the same as installation, and deactivation does not mean uninstalling.

  • If you are having problems installing or uninstalling, you don’t have an activation problem. You can’t activate a product until it’s installed.
  • If you get a serial number error, you don’t have an activation problem.

If you have reached your maximum activation allotment and want to install the software on a new computer, first deactivate the software on the computer you no longer use. Then, activate the software on the new computer.

If your computer is offline, put it online temporarily to complete deactivation. If you are unable to bring it online, contact Customer Support
Uninstalling the software from a computer does not automatically deactivate it.

Deactivating Software
This process deactivates the software on this computer for license you selected. Once you do this, you will no longer be able to use the software with that license on this computer.


Frequent Asked Questions

Question: I cannot access my previous computer (stolen/lost/crashed)

 If you do not have access to your previous computer on which you installed the software, contact Customer support at 1-800-826-HELP. To ensure quicker resolutions, have all the purchase-related information in front of you before you contact customer support.

Question: If you can't activate your software, check the following:

Did you reset your computer's date and time recently?
A computer's system clock being inaccurate can cause activation problems. Check that your computer's system clock is set to the correct date and time.

Are you running the software on too many computers?
Go to , login to your account and check to see if the license has already been activated on another computer. Purchase another license from the Eaton store if you want to run the software on multiple computers simultaneously.

Is your computer connected to the Internet / recognized by the activation server?
Errors are displayed when your computer is not connected to the Internet, or is not recognized by the activation server. If the error is because of the activation server, contact Eaton.

Question: I changed my computer recently

You can receive an activation error if your computer has changed recently.

  • Changed your computer's configuration, for example, due to a crash:
  • Upgraded your computer hardware
  • Replaced a hard drive
  • Upgraded the Operating System
  • Gotten a new computer and old computer is unavailable

Contact Customer Support and keep your serial number handy. Look for your serial number in the email confirming your purchase.

Question: I cannot connect to the Internet

You can receive these errors if your computer has problems connecting to the Internet or your firewall is blocking access. Previously installed counterfeit software can modify your Hosts file and that causes genuine software to give these errors.

Question: I uninstalled the software without deactivating it

Uninstalling the software from a computer does not deactivate it. Deactivation is a separate process that you must do before uninstalling the software.

Question: The number of activations for this serial number has been exceeded

This error message is displayed when a serial number is activated on more computers than the number of licenses that were purchased for that serial number.

When you purchase products, we send you an invoice that includes your serial numbers. The serial numbers enable you to activate the software a number of times, depending on how many licenses you purchased and the terms in the license agreement. When this limit is reached, you will see this error message.

To fix the problem, you can:

  • deactivate the product on another computer to free up a license
  • purchase more licenses

Question: This serial number is not registered with the activation server

This error message is displayed when the serial number you entered does not exist on the activation server.

To find out your serial numbers, check your invoice

Question: The activation request contains an invalid serial number

Check that you entered your serial number correctly.

Question: This serial number has been disabled

This error message is displayed when you try to activate a product using a serial number that Eaton has disabled.

When you upgrade a product, your existing serial numbers will be disabled and we will issue new ones with your invoice.

Eaton will also disable serial numbers for non-payment of invoices or breach of the terms in the license agreement. If you think we have disabled your serial numbers in error contact us.

Question: I have been asked to download the ServiceRanger 4.2.1187

You can download the hot fix following this link

ServiceRanger 4.2.1187

Question: I have been asked to open Eaton Remote Assistance LogMeIn link

You can use the following link

Eaton Remote Assistance LogMeIn link