ServiceRanger 4 Release Notes

Release 4.12

The 4.12 release of ServiceRanger includes:

  • User interface (UI) improvements for Connection Settings, Add Profile feature, and messaging
  • Supports the latest A5 Transmission Control Module (TCM) security enhancements
  • Logging improvements to aid the Roadranger Call Center with customer support
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

Release 4.11

The 4.11 release of ServiceRanger includes:

  • Improved Home screen usability
  • Added Communication Adapter Profiles feature
    • Create and name custom profiles
    • Reduce the time required to configure communication settings from one vehicle to another
    • Easily select and connect to profiles from the Home screen
  • Support for Enduant XD and XDP transmission products:
    • ServiceRanger now supports the Endurant XD and XD Pro 18-Speed transmission series that will be available later this year
    • Updates includes current features - fault code viewing, data monitor, calibration, configuration and software updates
    • Added new calibration options for configurable I/O and product specific service routines
  • Support for Windows 11
  • Bug fixes and improvements