Custom Communication Adapter Profiles

Before you can connect to a vehicle or simulation in ServiceRanger 4, you must create a communication adapter profile.

NOTE: If you attempt to Connect to your vehicle before setting up a profile, you will be prompted to verify your settings.

1. Select Settings
Custom profiles are added on the Settings screen. Select Go To, Settings in the Go To menu.

2. Add a Profile
On the Settings screen, select the Connection Settings tab and select Add Profile.

NOTE: Drivers for your communication adapter must be installed on your PC in order to add a profile.

Enter a Name for your adapter's profile, select the communication adapter, and select configurations, then select Save.

3. Select Profiles
Profiles can be conveniently selected from the Profile menu on the Home Page or applied on the Connection Settings screen.

NOTE: New proiles are applied as the default profile after created.

4. Edit, Delete and View Custom Profiles
Profiles can be edited or deleted on the Connection Settings screen. Open a profile to view its details

NOTE: The currently applied profile is indicated on the screen and in the Profile menu.

5. Add a Simulator Profile

NOTE: Custom profiles are also necessary to use ServiceRanger's Simulation Mode.